Esarey Hardwood Creations offers only the highest quality in hardwood cutting boards.  If you are newer to hardwood species or wonder what each specie might look like engraved, you will find the photo below helpful.  White Oak offers an even colored grain with medium contrast.  Hickory shows off its variation in color.  It offers streaks of dark brown and white all in the same piece of lumber making every hickory cutting board very unique.  Hard Maple is the lightest in color and offers the tightest grain making it highly functional in the kitchen as it naturally resists moisture.  Hard Maple doesn’t excite much with its grain as it is pretty much white but engraves beautifully.  Mahogany displays its elegant color of burgundy grain and engraves beautifully with medium contrast.  Walnut is a very expensive hardwood and shows very little contrast in engraving.  Cherry also displays its charm in rich colors of red and also engraves beautifully.  Each specie is priced differently and priced according to size.  EHC would be honored to work with you and provide a quote for the cutting boards you desire.