As a young boy, I loved playing in the mounds of sawdust at my father’s lumber company. Located in the hills of Southern Indiana, the Esarey Lumber Company was my second home. From watching my father saw huge logs to riding in the semi as we hauled the wood chips away, the smell of freshly cut hardwood lumber was always around me.

Now, many years later, I find myself reliving many of those childhood memories. I enjoy taking pieces of quality hardwood and making things that will be a blessing to others who will enjoy them for many years to come. Though my father passed when I was young, his love for God, family, and hardwood lumber continues through me.

Most of our clients learn early on that we do not conduct business in a typical way.  Instead of trying to “beat the competition” or edge our way out front of everyone, our real desire is to partner with other businesses and be part of their success.  We don’t seek to compete with other companies but instead, compliment what they are doing by providing our services and helping them achieve their goals through a business relationship, quality products, and unmatched customer service.

Whether you are an individual purchasing a single butcher block or a large company for whom we supply thousands of wholesale cutting boards, we see every transaction as an opportunity to serve someone and make a difference. The lumber we use for our products has been kiln dried and comes from a mill that plants a tree for every tree harvested. We realize harvesting trees is necessary for us to have the wonderful wood products we all enjoy. We also believe it is important to give back so other generations may enjoy the same blessings we enjoy today. We believe this principle holds true through all of life as we seek to give back to our community and to our church from the revenue that comes from Esarey Hardwood Creations and Esarey Laser Engraving.

Through the years I have had many titles. Father, pastor, musician/songwriter, college graduate, and now “pop pop”. It is with no shame whatsoever for a man or woman to have the additional title “woodworker”. The greatest man who ever lived was a carpenter and it is with great passion that we seek to resemble His model of ethics in business, His love with our customers, and His creativity in all our creations. We do not own this business but are merely stewards of it. We would be honored to serve you or partner with your business if you feel we can serve you in any way.

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