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Esarey Hardwood Butcher Blocks are now found in the kitchens of some of the largest restaurant chains as well as on the countertops of homes all over the country.  EHC will glue 20-30 individual pieces of hardwood lumber (no end butts) and create a beautiful masterpiece called an “Esarey Butcher Block”.  From 1” thick to 3” thick or more, EHC is the right place to get your dream butcher block made the right way.  Using all food-safe products in the production, your beautiful edge grain (for a harder cutting surface) hardwood butcher block will be custom designed and created to your specific desires.  Want to get it big?  EHC is the best place to turn for a beautiful, high-quality, and long-lasting butcher block you desire.  Use the contact form below to request a free quote and someone will gladly reach out to you.

Hardwood Cutting Board

Keep It Juicy!

Are you tired of all those yummy juices running off the edges of your current cutting board and making a mess on the table or floor?  EHC offers the option of an added Juice Groove on every butcher block.  As you can see in the featured photo above, the deep juice groove allows excessive juices to remain on the butcher block and still gives ample cutting space between the juice groove and the edge of the butcher block.  Mention the juice groove option when requesting your free quote.

Mix It Up!

Perhaps you want an Esarey Butcher Block but you would like it to have multiple species of hardwood in it instead of all the same hardwood species.  No problem at all.  As you can see in the smaller featured photo above, EHC makes butcher blocks of all kinds including what they call “blended species” butcher blocks.  Simply mention the types of wood you desire in your butcher block when requesting your free quote and someone will reach out to you to discuss the options available.
Get it big!  Keep it juicy!  Mix it up!

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