To process an order, EHC requires a 50% deposit which begins the manufacturing of your product.  When your product is completed, packaged, weighed, insured, and shipping costs have been accurately calculated, the balance (50%) plus shipping is due the day EHC ships your product.  The quickest way to process any order is to simply call EHC at 419.610.6486.  Someone would be happy to answer any questions, process your order and production will begin immediately.  All orders that are not wholesale or custom orders ship within 3-5 days of the time order is placed.  You may also order on the “shop now” link if you desire a laser engraved cutting board and it will walk you through the check out process.  If you desire a laser engraved cutting board, please call EHC and discuss the design you desire.


If your order is small enough to box, EHC will carefully secure your product in shipping boxes and ship via UPS or USPS.  If you are ordering wholesale (100 or more) cutting boards, your order will be neatly placed on a pallet, stretch wrapped, securely banded and shipped via freight.  EHC provides photos of your product and tracking/bill of lading numbers (oftentimes even photos of the manufacturing of your product).  EHC takes photos of packaged product prior to shipping and provides to all clients for your peace of mind and insurance purposes.  EHC desires to verify the condition in which the product is received after transit.  


Freight costs from each carrier vary every day.  EHC has shipped tens of thousands of cutting boards all over the United States and only trusts certain freight carriers to handle your product.  When product is ready to ship, EHC will shop the best rates for that day between the approved carriers.  Currently, EHC uses the following freight companies:  XPO Logistics, YRC, SAIA and R+L.  If your shipment is for residential delivery, all freight companies have an additional charge for residential deliveries and for a lift gate.  All the listed freight companies have a terminal in nearly every city.  Clients have the option of picking their order up at the terminal within seven days of it arriving at the terminal which saves them money.  After seven days, all freight companies charge a storage fee to the client ($100/day) until they pick up their order.  Picking up at the terminal saves the client the most money with freight but it is critical to pick up within those seven days.  EHC is not responsible for these costs if the product is not picked up within seven days of it arriving at the terminal.


EHC accepts the following payment types:  Mailed check (order will be processed once check is received), Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Square.  (EHC does not add credit card processing fees to the price of the product so a 3% processing fee is applied to all credit card payments made through Square or PayPal).


If you are ordering one of our top selling blank (not engraved) cutting boards that we keep in stock (11×15), your order will ship within days.  If you are placing a custom order with a specific size in mind, allow 4-5 weeks to ship.  


EHC has never had an occasion where one of their selected freight companies has damaged material in transit.  This is due to the quality of the carriers selected and the careful packaging of your product before it is shipped.  However, EHC realizes damage is always a possibility.  Numerous photos of your product are taken at the time of loading and every shipment is insured.  Should you receive product that looks to have been damaged, take numerous photos immediately and send those photos to EsareyHardwoodCreations@gmail.com.  Insurance requires that these photos must be taken and submitted within 24 hours of you obtaining shipment or they will not cover the cost of damages.  EHC always likes to see how the product arrives even if there appears to be no damage as this helps determine if that freight carrier should continue serving EHC.